Tuesday, October 9, 2007


During the Bill Johnson conference in Speyer there was a call for people to pray with those around who had need of prayer. Bill J had suggested praying with someone new to you (new meat as he called it !) One lady some distance behind me really seemed to stand out. I had a strong impression the Lord wanted me to pray with her. I walked over and asked if I could pray with her. She agreed. When instructed to begin praying myself and a male friend of hers asked what she needed prayer for. She said she had itchy ears which were also painful and that she had a strong senses of pressure in her ears. First the man prayed for her with his hands cupped over her ears. Then I prayed with one hand over one ear. I spoke to the problem and took authority over it commanding it to leave in Jesus' name, speaking healing into these areas of conflict with God's intention for her.At this point all the itching and pain went from her left ear. So we prayed again in a similar manner for her healing. This time the second ear was healed of itching and pain.The pressure sensation was still there. (Later on in the meeting I recalled there had been a word of knowledge about someone having a problem with itchy ears.) Bill J asked if 10 or so people would come up and testify about healing they had received. The lady the man and I had prayed with was initially not keen to go up and testify. I really encouraged her to give praise to the Lord for what He had done! So she went up to the platform. By the time she came to give her testimony publicly she said the itching, the pain AND the pressure had all gone. At this time she also disclosed that she had had this condition for 7 years. I spoke to her later that evening and again the next day and she was still fully healed. Praise Him !!I believe she received this final part of the healing as she stepped up to give the Lord praise for what He HAD done ...rather than giving no public praise at all due to the fact that initially she had not experienced her full healing yet. I think this is a key to note. The Lord also brought back to mind to me the healing of external pain to the ear of a lady I had prayed for some weeks ago. Who was instantly healed. I think there might be a key here also to Him building on what we know and have experienced. I don't mean I will only see healing of ear pain...but I sense He is growing a confidence here in me. I remember before praying with the lady at the conference thinking. This is easy...a done deal if you like. I had experience of healing of ear problems and it was like a platform to build on...does that make sense ?

Later in another part of the conference a lady in a wheelchair came forward for prayer. She was severely disabled. Strapped into this chair to aid seating.Many people stepped forward to help pray. Gail and I went forward also. Gail and I seemed to get key words from the Lord for this ladies condition. I had the word 'breaking' and saw in my minds eye layers that seemed to be over her mind. I spoke to these layers to break off or away. Others were praying also in various ways but I was not clear on what they were praying. After a short while she began to say she was remembering things that she had forgotten...Her memory was being restored! Gail then began to get the word 'strengthen' and began to speak strengthening to her bones and muscles. Then she would start to move and wriggle where I understand it had not been easy to before. This improved more and more and the lady began to praise Jesus. She had real faith for healing. There was a lot of prayer...and a lot of mixed prayer but eventually she wanted to stand up and out of her wheelchair. With help she managed this to some small extent. Then after a few minutes she was tired and wanted to sit down again. So she was helped back into her wheelchair. At this point two ladies who had not been previously praying with the group came over and I sensed a wave lack of faith come in.Both Gail and I sensed it now best to step back.I do praise God for the progress that was made and I am confident He will continue with a healing work in this lady. I sensed the lady in the wheelchair had great faith and certainly knew Jesus!

Today just before the service started. Gabi said she had a very bad headache. I said I would pray for this and the Lord would heal her. Knowing He wanted to heal her I put my hand on her forehead and spoke to the pain to leave her. I also invited the Holy Spirit to minister to her with His peace. I had a sense of the Lord's hands gently passing over and down her head to ease the tension in the muscles. After a minute or two of the Holy Spirit ministering to her in this way she was completely free of pain and feeling very good and refreshed. Praise the Lord who is good all the time !!


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