Friday, October 19, 2007

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Once at youth club (IMPACT!).....we were praying and the holy spirit revealed to Matt that I woud bring powerful words to papier and I could't believe. So on Frieday we were at media markt and " bam " I got these words in my head and it was like "lets go home I most do something very important." So I went on the lap top and just wrote what the Holy Spirit gave me and I called my mum and she read it and said "I want to give it to pastor Richard." So I just want to thank God for giving me these words and I'm so happy that I met you guys (you ,Frances , Matt ........) because I bet if I didn't know you all I would still go through life knowing nothing. I mean it's so great everything is getting better and I see things in a different way and I thank you, Frances , Matt, KLF.....for showing me the right way to God. And last week in youth club you also told us to bless the people who accused you false because that's exactly the thing that happend to me at school and so I blessed and prayed for him and today he apologised himself - I mean that's great. Thank you so much. I bless all you guys and I can't wait to learn even more on Friday ..... Sabine (13)

Here's a poem Sabine wrote by the Holy Spirit:

If they’re willing to change,
Let your love be their energy
I have more than I need
When your love shines down
On me

Everything we’ve ever stolen
Has been
Or broken
Without you our life is darker
It’s only you we’re after
Jesus you are the way
You gave your life away

Jesus, for us you died
Jesus, for you we cried
You never lied
When you said you
Love us

You are the Saviour of the universe
You are so good there is nothing you don’t deserve
Up to our neck in darkness
Now thanking you for your kindness

This is my song
I sung before
And a song
I’ll sing

I mean every word
I mean every single
One of them
Oh Lord please make me pure
You are the best
I’m sure

We praise God for breathing new life into our people!


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maureen said...

What an inspiration ! What a revelation of love and greatness !
Just keep letting His glory shine right through you Sabina !