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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back healed during meeting

Healed! A spirit-filled tick in the box! I was worshipping at the end of the service and a warmth came over my lower back and "melted" the pain down to my toes (this is what I meant by enjoying what God was doing). I continued praying through the evening, went to bed and woke up pain free.

Praise the Lord.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Miracle Child!

I wanted to share a bit of what God has been doing in my life since coming to Frankfurt and Kingdom Life Frankfurt. My husband and I suffered a miscarriage over a year ago and desperately wanted another child. We were trying for a year and a half and I was filled with despair and I began to live the defeated life - my faith at a low ebb. Over the months my struggle with faith and hope began to improve. I came to the point when I realised that whatever God has in store for my life, whatever happens, He loves me and has the best for me, so I should want what He wants. I began to overcome. I came to a point that if God's plan was not to conceive, then I would accept that. Then, after praying, God brought our family to Frankfurt.

We have loved being at Kingdom Life Frankfurt! God blessed us and our faith grew and grew. After being here a month.....we conceived!

I believe God wanted us to get to the point that we just wanted God...and then He blessed us with a miracle baby. I'm grateful too for the input Kingdom Life Frankfurt has had in getting me there in my journey. Praise God! He is faithful.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Healing of back and shoulder

Glory to Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Last Sunday during our meeting, a man's wrists were healed that were previously stiff and couldn't be moved freely without pain. During the meeting God healed the man's wrists so that he can now move them freely without any pain. Hallelujah!

On the same day one of our members prayed for a lady with shoulder pains and when she returned home she found that her pain was gone and that she had been healed. Hallelujah.

Yesterday the Father's presence was very powerful and many were ministered to and received emotional healing and deliverance. God is restoring His children. Glory to God!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Skin condition healed during worship

Was ich eigentlich erzählen wollte ist, dass ich Sonntag während dem Lobpreis geheilt worden bin ohne das jemand für mich gebetet hat "einfach" durch die Gegenwart Gottes. Ich hatte seit mehreren Wochen starke Hautprobleme und wollte nicht zum Arzt gehen weil ich Heilung
von Gott erwartete. Die letzten 2 Wochen war es so schlimm, dass ich mir nachts und tags die Haut im Gesicht fast blutig gekratzt habe weil es dauernd so gejuckt hat. Nach dem Gottesdienst, als wir nachhause kamen, sah ich aufeinmal, dass meine Haut wie neu aussah, am nächsten Morgen noch immer. Jetzt bin ich Gott sehr dankbar und freue mich nicht nur über die Heilung sondern auch über so eine tolle Gemeinde die sich nach Heilung und Gottes Gegenwart ausstreckt - Halleluja

What I wanted to tell you really is that I was healed last Sunday during the worship without anyone praying over me but "simply" by God's presence. I have had problems with my skin for many weeks now and didn't want to go to the doctor as I trusted in God to heal me. The last 2 weeks were so awful that I would almost scratch my face until it bled because of the itchiness! After the meeting, once we were home, I suddenly noticed how my skin looked almost new and the next morning as well. I am very thankful to God not only for healing me but also for such a wonderful church that seeks God's presence and healing - Hallelujah

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Glory to God!

Last Sunday we received the following reports of God's healing His people:

One person with back problems and pain, who couldn't swing her arms across her chest, was healed and can now move her arms freely right across her chest. Hallelujah.

During the worship, a man was healed of discomfort and pain in his hip and by the end of the meeting was jumping around! Glory to God.

A lady who had suffered for over 12 years from ringing in the ear (tinitus) was healed during the meeting. That is the second testimony of someone being healed of tinitus! Praise the Lord!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It was such a blessing to visit your church on Sunday. It was great to be with a group of people who love the Lord so much. It felt like being home.
Worship was wonderful. It seemed like everyone was worshiping from the heart, even before the music started. It was not about religion, but about love. The music was inspired and annointed. Even though I didn't know all the songs, it was so easy to enter in.
The teaching was great, encouraging me to expect the Lord to use me not just in church, but in the every-day times of my life (like this business trip :) ). Indeed, a number of people at your church blessed me with words from the Lord that hit the mark. But, though they were doing a supernatural work, they did it in a very natural way. I saw no chains of performance, no weight of obligation, just a group of people passionately in love with Jesus Christ. What a blessing to visit with all of you.

Bob, visiting from USA


Touched by God!

I have been standing in faith believing for my healing. And when you both laid hands on me on Impartation Sunday June 1, I laid on the floor with a great amount of heat going through my knee. I did not expect this as I came to receive the impartation for ministry. I had never before felt such heat in my knee and a hand came down on it and I could feel the fingers. I opened my eyes and of course no one was there. I was stunned really as it was definitely a hand I was feeling. I closed my eyes again and immediately I felt a hand on my left knee and fingers moving --- I could feel the actually fingers. I again opened my eyes and saw no one which I was so glad of. A few more minutes and the heat went away and the hands lifted. My knee still has metal in it but I can tell you something started that day. I do not know if I stopped the complete healing because I was so amazed by the hands or not. BUT I do know that my knee will turn back to flesh and bone-- because God said so.
Just wanted to let you know where I am and to thank you for having that service. To God be all the GLory! AMEN.

Karol, visiting from the USA

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