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Touching the lost!

This week, a number of us went to the Vineyard Church in Speyer to a conference called, „Tu’s Einfach” (“Just do it!”) where among other speakers, Bill Johnson was speaking about healing, signs and wonders and we were being encouraged to go into the streets and “just do it!” This of course, is totally in line with the way the Lord has been leading us in “Kingdom Life.” This was yet further confirmation for us and another demonstration of the unity in the Holy Spirit!

On Tuesday afternoon – October 2nd - (in between sessions), a few of us decided to spend some time in Speyer. I had spent a while trying to find a parking space and left the others on one open-air parking level near the cathedral, and then went up to another and found that there were spaces available there. When I was coming out to go back down to join them I noticed a beggar sitting on the ground by a building. I sensed a quickening in my spirit and knew that we should go and pray for him, so after finding the others we went back to him. We asked him about his situation. He was Hungarian and spoke very little German but we managed to find out that he had three children to support but had no job. He couldn’t work because he had hurt his leg 32 years ago! We looked at the leg and saw a huge gash across his shin. We also sensed that he had an alcohol addiction. We asked if we could pray for him and he said “yes”. That morning Bill Johnson had given a testimony about a healing involving the growing of muscle tissue near the shin so we prayed (in English), for the muscle to strengthen, for health, healing and wholeness and for strengthening of the bones. We also prayed that the Lord would intervene in his situation that He would break off the alcohol addiction and for provision for the man to find a job. Afterwards we asked if the man had noticed anything different in his leg. He said that he felt some relief in his knee. Although he did not dramatically get up and walk at that moment, it was clear from his expression that he had been touched by God and he was grateful that we had prayed for him. We gave him some money and went on our way.

We thank the Lord that He will continue the work that He has started in this man! Once more the Lord was testing obedience in us and giving us opportunity to “Risk-4-His-Glory!” Praise God & to Him be all the glory!!
Gail, Maureen & Stephie


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