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Risking 4 His Glory!

Testimony – Wed. 27th June

On Wednesday afternoon I had arranged to take V. to Main Taunus Zentrum and she would meet up with O. & H. (a fellow leader) at 1345 at the fountain in the centre. O. said she would stay for 5 minutes and if we weren’t there she would move on.

When we arrived it was pouring with rain and a lot of rain was coming through the ceiling making the floor very slippery…

We were at the fountain at about 1340 and V. needed to find the toilet so I told her she could go into Karstadt and I would wait at the fountain.

While I was waiting I was looking around and observing people, and noticed a young lady sitting on the edge of the fountain looking rather upset – although at first I wasn’t sure if she just had something in her eye! When I sensed she really was upset about something I began to pray in tongues to see whether the Lord wanted me to go across to her and so that I would not be doing it in my own strength… I sensed He wanted me to go and speak to her so I went.

The conversation went something like this…

“Do you speak English?”
“Yes – I do”
“Are you ok? – you look a bit upset…”
“I fell down on this slippery floor and my back hurts… I am waiting for a friend to come”
“That’s awful – it really is very slippery here and very dangerous…I’m also waiting for a friend too…How is your English so good?”
“I learnt it in school – I am graduating from school tomorrow”
“Oh – you go to German school…Can I ask if you are a Christian?”
“No I’m not”
“Well I am, and I believe in the power of prayer – would you like me to pray for you – you look really shaken up – and for your back. ”
“No that’s alright – my friend will be coming soon”
“I know this looks a bit weird and wacky – some complete stranger coming up to you asking whether you want prayer here in the shopping centre!… but I belong to a church which believes that we can pray anywhere at anytime for people. I know that it’s not normal to do this kind of thing in Germany but it does happen in other places like England and US for example…”
“What sort of church to do you go to then?”
“It is a non-denominational church but we believe that we have the power of God inside of us so we can go out and pray for people and they can be healed etc… Have you read the bible – do you know the book of Acts?”
“No …”
“Well after Jesus died and was raised again he gave power to the disciples to go out and heal and do powerful things and the church that was formed then is really the kind of church that Jesus wants – he doesn’t want denominations.”
“So does your church accept the muslims and buddists too then?”
“No we’re not for every religion, we are Christian, so all can come like the Catholics, evangelisch etc…if they want to! It’s a new church that is based in Frankfurt – we use the premises of a German church so we meet on Sunday afternoons” (I got out one of the KLF cards and try to find a pen to write my name and phone number)
O., H. and also V. return…
“Oh… there are your friends!”
“Yes – Hi!… O., do you have a pen I could borrow?”
“Yes here it is” (I write down my name and phone number on the card)
O. says that she will go upstairs to Karstadt and I said I will see them up there…
“Here’s my name & number. If you want to ask me anything about the Christian faith you can always call me”

“I believe that this is a divine appointment – we haven’t met here by accident. I don’t want to force you, but tomorrow you might look back and say “I wish I had let that woman pray for me”… “I can pray if you want to…”
“I don’t think it will make any difference because I don’t believe.”
“That doesn’t matter – what is more important is the faith of the person praying – my faith. I can also pray that you will get more revelation about God if you want”
“OK then”
“I can put my hand on your shoulder as I pray, (which can be powerful) or I don’t have to – are you happy for me to put my hand here?”
“I don’t mind – you can if you want”
“What’s your name?”
So then I prayed for more revelation, that God’s love through Jesus would be made real to her – that he had known her since before she was born and loved her, peace, joy, other things I can’t remember, and also for her back.
During the prayer I noticed she had her eyes open so I told her it would be better for her to close her eyes against distraction. Afterwards, I asked her how she felt. She looked a bit glassy eyed.
“That’s the peace of God. He loves you, you know… How is your back”
“It still hurts”
I sensed that I couldn’t push it any more by offering to pray for her again, but I told her,
“It will get better – Sometimes these things happen immediately and sometimes it’s a process”
Then I said…(but I don’t know why I brought up this subject!)
“Have you ever heard of the Alpha Course?”
“No – what’s that?”
Then I told her a bit about it, how it is a non-threatening course for people to find out about Christianity … told her some of the subjects..”
“You mean, you can actually find out if some of this stuff is true or not?”
“Yes that’s right”
“I have a problem believing that God made the world and all this stuff”
“Well, you can find out about all that and other things”
Then her friend arrived – he looked older than her…I sensed he was closed to this so I just said “Hi, I just came to talk because she was very upset”
“Oh” (He said)
Then I ended by saying – “Feel free to call me anytime!”

This was the gist of what was said, but there might have been other things – I wasn’t really thinking too much about what I did say, but trying to rely on the Lord. The main thing was that at least her heart was opened up a bit to the Spirit. It would be great if she called me, but I pray that this is a seed planted in her heart and that someone else will water it – she may be going away to University perhaps, so let’s pray she will come into contact with Christians there. I hope this testimony brings encouragement!

Submitted by Gail

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