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Fast Food & Fast Healing - Fast Forward with Jesus!

Thursday 21st June 2007 @ McDonalds

Week with the children's visit from Chernobyl, Ukraine. This day had been planned for all to visit a theme park called Lochmuehle - cancelled due to wet weather. Group of us decided to do other things....For lunch took 11 kids to McDonalds with 4 adults - Myself, I.,N., and Val. Settled kids....

Through lunch I. repeatedly told of extreme sharp or stabbing pain on outside edge of her right ear. Kept touching it and was very irritated by it, clearly in some discomfort. She was asking me and others to look and see if something was piercing it a sting or if it looked as if it were infected. Was wondering if she could get a pain killer and said she would have to go to the doctor with such stabbing pain and lot of heat and swelling that I could see when compared with her left ear. She made repeated reference to a stabbing pain or nerve type pain which she said she had been suffering from earlier that morning. Her face was showing she was clearly in a lot of discomfort.

I said we should pray for that to be healed. I. agreed to be prayed for. I. put her head down and she placed her own hand cupped over her ear as I lay my hand on top of hers.I prayed for healing for the ear, the pain and heat to go in Jesus's name. My exact words I can not remember but it was brief and to the point. I took my hand away. For about 5 seconds she kept her head down and then lifted it smiling saying

"It's gone ...all the pain has gone...and the feels cold!"

She encouraged me to feel her cold ear. We all praised God !!! Except V. (support person from Ukraine) said nothing. We were all delighted and talking about it...I. rejoicing !!I said to I. to remember what God had just done and to use it as a prophetic testimony whenever she saw someone needing or asking for healing prayer....I encouraged her to retell what He had done for her prior to her praying for anyone raise faith for healing to follow. She was very excited at the possibilities !

After a few minutes. V. spoke up and pointed at me ..."I want you to pray for the 6 children left at the home back in Chernobyl" she said. (we had been discussing earlier 6 children who, due to lack of funds, could not get paper work to come on trip.) I told V. we could all pray right now for them...So we did ! We held hands around our red McDonalds table ...the 11 Ukraine kids at a long table next to us….and prayed out loud praise to God for His healing of I. and for His intervening and provision for the 6 remaining children in Chernobyl! Proclaiming His greatness in MacDonald' food and fast healing !!!!!!!! Fast forward with JESUS !!

I understand I. is indeed telling everyone about God 's healing !! She told me the day after her miraculous healing, Friday, she once or twice got a twinge in her ear...but she immediately said 'No ! I am trusting you Jesus !' and then it immediately stopped and as far as I know that is it ...healed in the name of Jesus !

testimony submitted by Maureen



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