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Skin condition healed during worship

Was ich eigentlich erzählen wollte ist, dass ich Sonntag während dem Lobpreis geheilt worden bin ohne das jemand für mich gebetet hat "einfach" durch die Gegenwart Gottes. Ich hatte seit mehreren Wochen starke Hautprobleme und wollte nicht zum Arzt gehen weil ich Heilung
von Gott erwartete. Die letzten 2 Wochen war es so schlimm, dass ich mir nachts und tags die Haut im Gesicht fast blutig gekratzt habe weil es dauernd so gejuckt hat. Nach dem Gottesdienst, als wir nachhause kamen, sah ich aufeinmal, dass meine Haut wie neu aussah, am nächsten Morgen noch immer. Jetzt bin ich Gott sehr dankbar und freue mich nicht nur über die Heilung sondern auch über so eine tolle Gemeinde die sich nach Heilung und Gottes Gegenwart ausstreckt - Halleluja

What I wanted to tell you really is that I was healed last Sunday during the worship without anyone praying over me but "simply" by God's presence. I have had problems with my skin for many weeks now and didn't want to go to the doctor as I trusted in God to heal me. The last 2 weeks were so awful that I would almost scratch my face until it bled because of the itchiness! After the meeting, once we were home, I suddenly noticed how my skin looked almost new and the next morning as well. I am very thankful to God not only for healing me but also for such a wonderful church that seeks God's presence and healing - Hallelujah


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At the beginning of our 21 day fast, I decided to give a larger amount of money into the kingdom of God – knowing, that this offering
would probably cause me a shortfall, because I don’t have access to
my savings account at the moment. But I wanted to put my trust in God and his provision and live by faith. After about 10 days I started to become a bit nervous. I expected to have approximately 120 Euros, but I was not sure and tried to avoid overdrawing my account. I checked my bank account and realised that God had taken care of me and had released a really unexpected larger amount of money. Enough to cover all my needs for the coming two weeks. I give him all praise. K.

Back healed during meeting

Healed! A spirit-filled tick in the box! I was worshipping at the end of the service and a warmth came over my lower back and "melted" the pain down to my toes (this is what I meant by enjoying what God was doing). I continued praying through the evening, went to bed and woke up pain free.

Praise the Lord.


On 24th December 2017, during our vacation in India, I had an accident in the bathroom. While I was taking  bath, I accidentally poured boiling hot water on my neck. I was supposed to mix the hot water and cold water coming from two different taps. I burnt my neck badly and was in deep pain. My father did some home remedy and I was taken to the hospital immediately. The doctor treated the burn and said that it would take a while for it to heal. But when I woke up the next morning, the pain was almost gone and the wound was barely visible and it completely disappeared after three days. I thank Jesus for this miracle. He is so good.