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Risking 4 His Glory!

Testimony – Wed. 27th June

On Wednesday afternoon I had arranged to take V. to Main Taunus Zentrum and she would meet up with O. & H. (a fellow leader) at 1345 at the fountain in the centre. O. said she would stay for 5 minutes and if we weren’t there she would move on.

When we arrived it was pouring with rain and a lot of rain was coming through the ceiling making the floor very slippery…

We were at the fountain at about 1340 and V. needed to find the toilet so I told her she could go into Karstadt and I would wait at the fountain.

While I was waiting I was looking around and observing people, and noticed a young lady sitting on the edge of the fountain looking rather upset – although at first I wasn’t sure if she just had something in her eye! When I sensed she really was upset about something I began to pray in tongues to see whether the Lord wanted me to go across to her and so that I would not be doing it in my own strength… I sensed He wanted me to go and speak to her so I went.