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Are you trusting the law of nature or are you trusting the law of God?
Chris Vallaton speaks about the power of a testimony.


One morning, as I was on my way to work, I exited the train and a homeless woman asked me for money for herself and her small dog. I pulled out € 5 from my purse, gave it to her and went on my way. Then, my Lord spoke to me: “No, what you have given her is not enough. I want you to give more.”  My footsteps slowed down and all of a sudden this woman was standing in front of me again. “Would you like a warm jacket?” I asked her. “I am on my way to work, but I could bring it to you tomorrow. Where can I meet you?” She replied: “same place, same time,” turned and disappeared. That evening, my husband and I began packing a care package for this woman. In addition to the promised winter jacket, we included food, a blanket for the dog, dog food and warm clothing. Although I did not have to go to work the next day, I made my way in the icy cold to the city. We had put the care package in a trolley, so that I could transport it all. I arrived to the meeting point on time, but after waiting a whi…