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Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Once at youth club (IMPACT!).....we were praying and the holy spirit revealed to Matt that I woud bring powerful words to papier and I could't believe. So on Frieday we were at media markt and " bam " I got these words in my head and it was like "lets go home I most do something very important." So I went on the lap top and just wrote what the Holy Spirit gave me and I called my mum and she read it and said "I want to give it to pastor Richard." So I just want to thank God for giving me these words and I'm so happy that I met you guys (you ,Frances , Matt ........) because I bet if I didn't know you all I would still go through life knowing nothing. I mean it's so great everything is getting better and I see things in a different way and I thank you, Frances , Matt, KLF.....for showing me the right way to God. And last week in youth club you also told us to bless the people who accused you false because that's exactly the thing that h…


During the Bill Johnson conference in Speyer there was a call for people to pray with those around who had need of prayer. Bill J had suggested praying with someone new to you (new meat as he called it !) One lady some distance behind me really seemed to stand out. I had a strong impression the Lord wanted me to pray with her. I walked over and asked if I could pray with her. She agreed. When instructed to begin praying myself and a male friend of hers asked what she needed prayer for. She said she had itchy ears which were also painful and that she had a strong senses of pressure in her ears. First the man prayed for her with his hands cupped over her ears. Then I prayed with one hand over one ear. I spoke to the problem and took authority over it commanding it to leave in Jesus' name, speaking healing into these areas of conflict with God's intention for her.At this point all the itching and pain went from her left ear. So we prayed again in a similar manner for her healing…

Touching the lost!

This week, a number of us went to the Vineyard Church in Speyer to a conference called, „Tu’s Einfach” (“Just do it!”) where among other speakers, Bill Johnson was speaking about healing, signs and wonders and we were being encouraged to go into the streets and “just do it!” This of course, is totally in line with the way the Lord has been leading us in “Kingdom Life.” This was yet further confirmation for us and another demonstration of the unity in the Holy Spirit!

On Tuesday afternoon – October 2nd - (in between sessions), a few of us decided to spend some time in Speyer. I had spent a while trying to find a parking space and left the others on one open-air parking level near the cathedral, and then went up to another and found that there were spaces available there. When I was coming out to go back down to join them I noticed a beggar sitting on the ground by a building. I sensed a quickening in my spirit and knew that we should go and pray for him, so after finding the others…

Moving with God

We're struggling to keep up! Praise the Lord!

There are testimonies of small blessings and wonderful miracles weekly! Our people are prophecying over people and seeing lives change. Our people are boldly sharing the Gospel with family and friends and seeing people give their lives to Jesus. Our people are going out on the streets and offering to pray for people, rich and poor to receive healing and God's love.

We will attempt to get the testimonies posted as soon as possible but praise God - He is on the move and we're seeking to keep up with Him! Hallelujah!


Risking 4 His Glory!

Testimony – Wed. 27th June

On Wednesday afternoon I had arranged to take V. to Main Taunus Zentrum and she would meet up with O. & H. (a fellow leader) at 1345 at the fountain in the centre. O. said she would stay for 5 minutes and if we weren’t there she would move on.

When we arrived it was pouring with rain and a lot of rain was coming through the ceiling making the floor very slippery…

We were at the fountain at about 1340 and V. needed to find the toilet so I told her she could go into Karstadt and I would wait at the fountain.

While I was waiting I was looking around and observing people, and noticed a young lady sitting on the edge of the fountain looking rather upset – although at first I wasn’t sure if she just had something in her eye! When I sensed she really was upset about something I began to pray in tongues to see whether the Lord wanted me to go across to her and so that I would not be doing it in my own strength… I sensed He wanted me to go and speak to her so I went.

Fast Food & Fast Healing - Fast Forward with Jesus!

Thursday 21st June 2007 @ McDonalds

Week with the children's visit from Chernobyl, Ukraine. This day had been planned for all to visit a theme park called Lochmuehle - cancelled due to wet weather. Group of us decided to do other things....For lunch took 11 kids to McDonalds with 4 adults - Myself, I.,N., and Val. Settled kids....

Through lunch I. repeatedly told of extreme sharp or stabbing pain on outside edge of her right ear. Kept touching it and was very irritated by it, clearly in some discomfort. She was asking me and others to look and see if something was piercing it a sting or if it looked as if it were infected. Was wondering if she could get a pain killer and said she would have to go to the doctor with such stabbing pain and lot of heat and swelling that I could see when compared with her left ear. She made repeated reference to a stabbing pain or nerve type pain which she said she had been suffering from earlier that morning. Her face was showing she was clear…